Merry X'mas & Happy New Year

I'll show you about me & my family in this year
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my dad, his name is Jun he got 1th cerebral infarction on 2002 he got 2th cerebral infarction on 2004 so his left body does not work very well rehabilitation
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right now he can ride on 3wheeles bicycle he got 78 yearsold my mama her name is Ineko she is growing the plants ,they are eated by our family she is 77 yearsold
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we live all together we love mam & dad she is 1 & half years old Sachiko still paint country art she is working on orthopedist office 3:40 to 8;30pm.
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they are family plates also she paints clock Merry X'mas last time she made umbrella stand right now she is making welcome plate
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this year we didn't have very good weather, it's same on your place, I guess we didn't grow up the rice field on this year. so I didn't feel not so bad weather, but it's Hot enough I hope you get good business on 2008 & good health We love Pat & Sue and your all of familys.


We love my brother Iemitu & Keiko and your familys