Merry X'mas & Happy New Year

I'll show you about me & my family in this year
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our employees are making this Kawasaki brand-new transport jet (C-X) I started again my music life to play jazz & blues that's so fan & I got new guitar , she sing a song very cute
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she was born in 1980 at spain , & her name is Domingo Esteso by Conde Hermanos Naoya got sister now Sachiko is making little gardens also she is growing herbs garden
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she loves plants also she make pot art by plants Naoya still loves baseball he is 4th picher they ware playing baseball every weekend on season
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so we went to Kobe ,Nagoya ,Hamamatu & more places with them we love to aid them but they are not so strong team but we love them this is the other Kawasaki brand-new patrol jet (XP-1)
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I sometimes climb the mountain, cause I can see the Gifu castle on there & it is so good for my health also I love play the music wiht bad waters she is our new member , her name is Kuru all the kids love mobile phone, cause it is phone. , mailer, music player & also game she loves to cook
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Naoya loves to talk to Kuru with junk food I guess she loves it too Naoya is taller than mama he is 174cm tall she love basking in the sun on my car