2021May.31st Sachiko's family reports

2021May.31st Sachiko's family reports
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s001…ardeainerea s002…ardeainerea s003…Wild bird that do not know the name s004 Tower & my car(Kangoo) s005 Asian skunk cabbage
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s006 Dahlia
I didn't use to like dahlia but now I love it
s007 Phantom II
Phantom II,which has been active for half a century and retired in March.
s008 F-2 Fighter jet. s009we planted seeds of rice
me ,Sachiko ,Yosimi&Naoya
s010we planted seeds of rice
me ,Sachiko ,Yosimi&Naoya
s011 s012 s013 s014 s015
s011we made 64trays s012 s013nurserys are sprouted s014beautiful baby green s015 after twoweeks
s016 old rice planting machine