Happy & Healthy new year !!

Hi every one !
How are you doing ?
My family & I are all doing fine.

But Coronavirus cases continue to spike in Gifu area.
Spike is overwhelming area hospitals.
There's an underlying condition to Koji's disease.
And my high blood pressure.
We are horrified of the Coronavirus.
I should practice self-quarantine now,so I'll stay at home.

And enjoy hobby time!!
Playing the Piano & organizing my photos.

Have a look at the photos I've attached.

@@Gifu castle & full moon
A@A night view of the harbor in Yokkaichi
B@Red@spider lily
C The illuminations in a nearby park

We survived 2020.
Spread joy not germs.
Stay healthy.
Peace Love Health 2021!!

s001 s002 s003 s004 s005
Koji got a red moose again
@@Gifu castle & full moon
A@A night view of the harbor in Yokkaichi
B@Red@spider lily
C The illuminations in a nearby park
these dolls are 90 years old
my mam's dolls

Dollfs Festival
Hinamatsuri(Dollfs Festival) is an occasion to pray for young girlsf growth and happiness.
Hinamatsuri is celebrated each year on March 3.
Most families with girls display dolls for the Dollfs Festival called Hina-ningyo.
The dolls depict the imperial court.
A set of dolls includes the Emperor(odairi-sama), the Empress(ohina-sama), three court ladies(sannin-kanjo), five court musicians(gonin-bayashi), the minister of the left(sadaijin), the minister of the right(udaijin) and three servants(sannin-jougo).