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2015 Koji's family reports
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s2015-01-17 11.05.42
Naoya Yuuya Sachiko Koji
at the funeral party of Sachiko's father
s2015-01-17 11.06.29
He was one of greatest musician.
He had been killed in a traffic accident
at 2015-01-15
s2015-08-14 14.58.28 s2015-08-16 12.10.59
We went to see the sunflower fields
s2015-08-16 12.15.42
what a lovely lady she is !!
I love you more than sunflower
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s2015-08-19 16.05.15
trouble again
s2015-08-19 16.58.51
this time I fix up air conditioner
s2015-08-27 08.53.04-1
heres my rice fields
s2015-09-20 12.03.12
offer flowers on the altar in memory
of Sachikos father
s2015-09-20 17.38.28
Sachiko Naoya Mother in low
Hiroko brother in low Joe
s2015-10-09 08.41.06 s2015-10-09 16.39.54 s2015-10-12 17.21.56 s2015-10-12 17.22.16 s2015-10-12 17.30.55
s2015-10-09 08.41.06
My mom she is 85y
s2015-10-09 16.39.54
My dad he is 86y
s2015-10-12 17.21.56
I find out new hobby
s2015-10-12 17.22.16
I've got now toy
s2015-10-12 17.30.55
s2015-10-18 20.58.19 s2015-10-18 21.14.13 s2015-11-06 07.58.43 s2015-11-06 12.14.39 s2015-11-08 18.25.36
s2015-10-18 20.58.19
Don't you know
(cover Otis Spann)
s2015-10-18 21.14.13
Trouble in mind i
(cover Otis Spann , Horace Silver)
s2015-11-06 07.58.43
Kuru is still lovely lady
s2015-11-06 12.14.39
one of my friend got a now toy .
she was just like racing kart
s2015-11-08 18.25.36
one of my friend are making brand new air aircraft , the maiden flight
on November 2015
s2015-11-15 18.08.56 s2015-11-27DSC_1763 s2016-01-27 14.08.38 s2016-01-27 16.42.40 s2016-01-28 10.22.04
s2015-11-15 18.08.56
Sachikos father had his own chorus .
they dedicate the songs to him
I helped to play my friends
s2016-01-27 14.08.38
We went to Sachikos fathers home island
it was called Hachijojima Island
for scattering of ashes
s2016-01-27 16.42.40
so beautiful Island
s2016-01-28 10.22.04
Sachikos father was born in volcanic island
s2016-01-28 10.22.14 s2016-01-28 10.26.01 s2016-01-28 14.24.32 s2016-02-01 11.17.38 s2016-02-01 11.54.01
s2016-01-28 10.22.14

Hiroko Sachiko Joe
s2016-01-28 10.26.01
Exercise is not in my line
s2016-01-28 14.24.32 s2016-02-01 11.17.38
I got my finger caught in the
door of car in volcanic island
s2016-02-01 11.54.01
breaked a bone