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2012 to early spring in 2013 Koji's family reports
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s2012-june-30 we got famlly BBQ party after rice-planting (transplanting of the rice seedlings from the rice nursery to the paddy field.) s2012-june-30 my elder son Yuuya(sounds like youya,age24) & his newest girl friend Yoshimi s2012-july-27 I found up a strange woman in a summer festival. she is called costume player by people, I've never met these kind of peaple so I took a photo. with her . s2012-August-12 When I went to grocery in my town , I found out Oregon products . I was so glad . s2012-sep.-02 sometimes I really want to drink these junkie pops
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s2012-sep.-07 I still love old Volvo945 , she is my 3rd one & she was borned in 1997 . looks like old but she is brand new in inside . s2012-oct.-16 my wife Sachiko made paper kraft light art s2012-oct.-16 looks so good . I love this lampshade . s2012-dec.-20 I love to play the piano . especially to play Bleus & Jazz s2012-dec.-20 sometime I sing a song , I think it is so so ,
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s2012-dec.-31 Yuuya & Yoshimi still have good relation s2012-dec.-31 Koji & Sachiko still have good relation 25years . s2013-jan.-06 My 2nd son Naoya got new old car .( I think it's junk .) his 6th car is Nissan . s2013-jan.-06 Naoya is age 23 , he loves little cat her name is Kuru Kote Yokoyama .she is one of memmber of our familly . s2013-jan.-06 Naoya made new garbage befor he got new old Nissan. He crashed his toyota on winding road in mountain. He is still working BMW car dealer .
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s2012-dec.-14 I don't like fish . I ready to make smoked . s2013-jan.-04 I don't like to smok , but I love to somke porks. s2013-jan.-04 & I love to drink wine with meats I wished to god that woolly hair will be grown I still love american style